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Perfect Image is a professional, interactive and user-friendly imaging solution, mainly aimed at quality control and research laboratories in different industries: Automobile, Aeronautics, Medical, etc.

About Perfect Image: Image analysis software

A complete range of imaging tools is supplied as standard: Z stack (Multifocus), Image stitching, HDR images, etc.

Many dimensional measurement tools are also available:

  • Simple dimensional measurements (line, angle, surface, arc,...)
  • Table of complex dimensional measurements (min/max tolerance management, statistics, etc.)
  • Phase analysis (porosity, ferrite content...)
  • The different features make the Perfect Image software package suitable for a wide range of applications

Interactive and user-friendly image acquisition

Capture high resolution images from our digital cameras or a Twain source, using Perfect Image.
Numerous parameters can be adjusted through the user-friendly interface so as to ensure optimal image quality. It is exceptionally simple to use : Scale bar, focus assistance, automatic exposure, automatic white balance, etc.

The most frequent camera settings can be recalled with a click of the mouse.

The interface also enable multi-camera management.

Image annotation and improvement

The annotation function allows you to document your images quickly and easily. A range of features enables you to adjust different levels in your images (colour, light, contrast, saturation…).

Dimensional calibration

Perfect Image makes it easy to calibrate all of your optical equipment. Once the image is captured, the calibration information is stored directly in the image file, ensuring total traceability and reducing the risk of errors.

Interactive measurements

Perfect Image has many dimensional measurement tools: Length, Surface, Angle, Radius, Diameter...

Specific tools for the most common uses are also available:

  • Layer thickness measurement
  • Hardness measurement
  • DAS measurement
  • Object counting

Perfect Image's measurement tables can be completely configured to deal with any situation.

Phase analysis

Perfect Image enables phase proportion measurement depending on grayscale levels (simple thresholding) or colour levels (HSI thresholding).

  • Phase measurement
  • Void level
  • Porosity level…

The phase analysis tool can be completely configured to meet all of your requirements.

Focus stacking/Z Stacks

Reconstruction of a sharp image using images acquired from different focal planes.

Multifocus is an essential function, enabling the correction of flatness defects under the microscope or when using a stereomicroscope.

Once a set of images with different focal points has been captured, this function extracts the sharp areas from each image to form a new totally sharp image.

Image Stitching/Metaview

Creation of panoramic images using a series of adjacent images.

The images that make up the mosaic are acquired via manual X and/or Y movement.

These are then used by the Metaview software package to build the high resolution image automatically.

Perfect Image includes a user-friendly yet powerful reporting tool. All of the measurement output can be incorporated into operator-designed templates.

The resulting documents can then be exported into the usual software tools (Word, Excel, etc.).