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Not everyone has the same requirements and imperatives when it comes to inspection!

That’s why we created a platform that meets a multitude of needs.

About Digital microscope OMNI

The Omni digital microscope's powerful image processing engine provides a superb quality of direct video images in Full HD at 60 frames per second, making it a solution for a wide range of quality checks, tests, adjustments, assembly, inspection, etc., including documentation tasks.

The Omni GUI customised interface is mouse-driven and therefore both intuitive and efficient, and it manages the entire suite of applications.

The Omni digital camera can be configured to meet user-specific inspection and analysis requirements.

The Omni digital microscope's ergonomic design helps improve productivity and efficiency in many areas, especially in the medical, electronics and precision engineering fields.

Standard functions

  • Intuitive interface
  • Email
  • User rights definition
  • Possible networking
  • Internal and external (USB key) storage

Other modules

  • Annotations and dimensional measurements
  • Z Stack/Multifocus
  • Image comparison by overlay
  • Side-by-by side image comparison
  • DXF file import