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TroublePad: an adaptive high speed camera system for industrial monitoring

High speed camera for production lines

TroublePad is a high speed camera solution that enables the identification of production line improvement points. It can be used alongside your existing industrial monitoring system. Easy to use and intuitive, our ultra-portable high speed camera system was created with industrial maintenance in mind. It will enable you to diagnose and understand the anomalies and defects in your production line and high speed machinery.

The TroublePad is aimed at industries that run production lines, such as the food industry, cosmetics, packaging or pharmaceuticals, etc.

About TroublePad: High speed camera for production lines

Easy to install, practical to use

The result of cooperation between our R&D teams and our clients' maintenance personnel, the TroublePad is designed to take the headache out of industrial process maintenance and optimisation. This ultra compact solution includes an high speed camera , touch screen tablet and attachment arm. It can be set up in a few seconds, even in the most confined spaces. It is completely mobile thanks to its inbuilt lighting, requiring no electrical power supply or cumbersome cables...

A self-contained, high speed, intuitive camera

The TroublePad comes with pre-installed software on its touchscreen tablet. Its user-friendly interface enables you to set up recordings, monitor live images and access sequence logs. The TroublePad is a high precision intelligent device. You can adjust recording speed and create long loop recordings. The (optional) Trigger box enables you to pilot the system: start and stop recording, mark key images, include a few seconds before and after the signal from your sensors...

Technical specifications

The TroublePad can handle speeds ranging from 225 to 2500 frames per second. It comes with a LED light housing, which can be powered by batteries. Our system also includes a 12-inch tablet, with 8Gb RAM and a 256 Gb SSD hard disk, along with its protective casing and shoulder strap.

Loop recording

  • TroublePad's high speed video software is easier to use than any other.
  • It is the operational heart of the high speed video workstation.

The operator will be ready to record sequences using the high speed camera in a matter of minutes.

TroublePad high speed camera enables image acquisition speeds ranging from 225 to 2500 frames/second.

Setting recording speed

It is very easy for the operator to define a specific area of interest in the image, so as to only retain the most relevant part.

Loop recording (loop duration is defined by the operator) enables continuous recording for several hours, and recording can be stopped either manually by the operator or automatically by an external "machine" trigger.

Playback and slow motion

The sequences that are filmed by the TroublePad high speed camera are automatically recorded, without operator interaction. The stored sequences are easily accessible for review and analysis, with ajustable playback speeds.

Sequence editing / Creating an AVI

It is very easy to isolate a sequence so as to keep only the most relevant part. An AVI file is created at the click of a button, at a frequency defined by the operator.
Ease of use and efficiency are our bywords!

Controlling the system through external triggers

As an option, the TroublePad high speed camera can be set up as a slave to your production line and/or robots!

TroublePad's trigger box can be used to start and stop recording, to mark key frames, to retain a few seconds before and after your sensors' signal....

  • The aim is only keep what you need!

Using the trigger box will help you to easily spot and solve random and infrequent events on your production line.

The TroublePad camera acts as a real "watchdog" for you production line.

Recommended speed 570 frames/sec at 800*600 resolution
Standard speed 225 frames/sec at 1280*1024 resolution
Other possible speeds 835 frames/sec at 640*480 resolution
1500 frames/sec at 500*300 resolution
 2500 frames/sec at 320*240 resolution

Lighting Adjustable 96 LED, operating on batteries (5*AAA)

Power 600 lux. Mass 195 gr.

Optics C mount 8-48 mm macro zoom lens
 With Close up lens: 1D, 2D, 4D, 10D

Mount 'Magic' arm with variable friction
 for high speed camera and lighting

Tablet 12 inch tactile screen
 Intel Core Processor – 8 Gb RAM – 256 Gb SSD disk
 With protective case and shoulder strap

Carrying case overall dimensions 575x470x205 mm
Weight 9 kg

Key software features Loop recording
Long recording time
Pre/post triggering
Event marking
Backward or forward playback
Adjustable playback speeds
Sequence selection/extraction...

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