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The Fastec TS3 high speed camera is a highly sensitive vision system. It was designed for several types of application: industrial maintenance, biological and bio-mechanical research, mining, engineering, etc. It enables you to optimise your machinery and perform preventive maintenance on your production line, without operating outage. It can also be used to observe micro-fluids or robotic movements in slow motion.

  • Stand alone high speed camera with 1.3 megapixel 10 bit sensor
  • 2 models:
  • TS3-L – 800×600 resolution
  • TS3-S – 1280×1024 resolution
  • From 500 to 65 000 frames/second
  • Excellent sensitivity

About High speed camera Fastec Imaging TS3

The TS3 is a compact, lightweight camera (1.8 kg) that fits in the palm of your hand. It is easy to handle yet solid, thanks to its machined aluminium casing. This high performance camera can provide up to 4 hours' continuous operation through its internal battery. For extended recordings, your high speed camera can be used with an external portable battery, and a high-capacity SSD.

In terms of control, the TS3 high speed camera has a 7 inch tactile screen, enabling you to replay high speed videos in slow motion. As well as through its advanced software (available for Windows, Mac and Linux), the video camera can be controlled via an in-built web interface. This allows you to record your sequences using the browser on your mobile phone, tablet or laptop.

It has a CMOS 1.3 megapixel (10 bits) sensor. At maximum resolution, it provides frame rates of over 500 frames per second, and up to 60 000 fps at low resolution. There are two TS3 models: The TS3-L (800×600 pixels) and the TS3-S (1280×1024 pixels). Both provide excellent light sensitivity: 3200 ISO in monochrome and 1600 ISO in colour. Your camera can be connected to an external monitor via an HDMI cable.

The TS3 high definition, high speed camera can be equipped with an extra SSD hard drive with 256 Gb to 2 Tb storage, enabling extended recordings. Remote, wireless operation is also possible via a complementary WiFi connection.

  • 7” Touch display for on camera control and playback
  • Internal battery - up to 4hrs of operation
  • Built-in web interface for control via browser on PC, tablet, or phone
  • Advanced PC software with multi-camera controls and batch downloads
  • Rugged machined aluminum housing
  • Multiple mass storage interfaces
  • HDMI for external monitor or viewfinder


  • Internal SSD up to 2TB
  • SSD streaming modes for extended recordings
  • WiFi connectivity for wireless remote control
Name TS3S TS3L
Maximum Resolution 1280 x 1024 800 x 600
Max Res@ 500fps 1280 x 1024 800 x 600
Max Res@ 1Kfps 1074 x 604 800 x 600
Max Res@ 2Kfps 512 x 512 N/A
Max Res@ 4Kfps 416 x 312 N/A
Max fps@ Min Res 64 485 1 250
Minimum Resolution 48 x 32 48 x 32
Sensor 10-bit CMOS 10-bit CMOS
Minimum Shutter 2µs 2µs
Maximum Pixel Rate 668Mp/sec 600Mp/sec
Long Record Optional (D) Optional (D)
Light Sensitivity Mono 3 200 3 200
Light Sensitivity Color 1 600 1 600
Pixel Size 14µm Sq. 14µm Sq.
Standard Memory 4GB 4GB
Memory Options 8GB 8GB
Auto Trigger Yes Yes
Video Output HDMI HDMI
Power Input 10-26VDC 10-26VDC
Battery Power Yes Yes
Backup Image Retention in Memory No No
Non Volatile Storage SD, SSD, USB SD, SSD, USB
Camera Control Touchscreen, FasMotion, Web App Touchscreen, FasMotion, Web App
Software License Not Required Not Required
IRIG Available Yes Yes
Ruggedized No No
Size (") 9W x 4.5H x 3.5D 9W x 4.5H x 3.5D
Weight 1.8 kg. 1.8kg.