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Designed for optimal use in almost any industrial or laboratory environment, the HISPEC 5 high speed camera is an ideal vision system for monitoring production machinery, for scientific research or engineering. In particular it enables preventive industrial maintenance to be carried out without operational outage.

  • High speed camera with 2.9-megapixel, 8-bit sensor
  • From 500 to 300 000 frames/second


  • Up to 16 Gb of memory
  • Certified Hi-G up to 100G
  • IRIG-B range synchronisation standard

About High speed camera Fastec Imaging HiSpec 5

This high performance camera is equipped with a 2.9 megapixel (8 bit) CMOS sensor with a global shutter. Just like the HISPEC 4, it provides high definition image quality at a rate of 523 frames per second and a resolution of 1696 × 1710 pixels. It can reach 300 000 fps at lower resolutions. This digital camera is extremely fast: it enables you to maintain a resolution of 1280 × 1024 pixels at 1150 fps. It is a compact, lightweight camera. It is small enough to be installed in tight spaces, but also robust enough to withstand heavy blows. Its internal battery enables images to be stored for up to 24 h.

The HISPEC 5 video camera comes with its own user-friendly control software. It enables the synchronisation of multiple cameras with a master camera or external module, via your computer, thanks to its Gigabit Ethernet interface. It can be certified Hi-G up to 100 “G” acceleration, for use in vehicle accident simulations and other challenging environments.

ImageBLITZ® Auto Trigger and multi-sequence recording modes can be added as options. The automatic trigger is used to record images of random events, which are notoriously tricky to capture, by defining an 'area of interest' up front in the viewfinder. Multi-sequence mode enables recording of multiple events by partitioning the memory into 2, 4, 8 or 16 separate recordings. Memory can be extended to 16 GB.

  • Intuitive PC software with GiGE vision interface
  • ImageBLITZ image trigger
  • Multi-Sequence recordings
  • Phase-lock multi-camera synchronisation
  • CMOS sensor with global electronic shutter
Name HiSpec 1 HiSpec 2 HiSpec 4 HiSpec 5
Maximum Resolution 1280 x 1024 1280 x 1024 1696 x 1710 1696 x 1710
Max Res@ 500fps 1280 x 1024 1280 x 1024 1696 x 1710 1696 x 1710
Max Res@ 1Kfps 784 x 774 784 x 774 1280 x 1178 1280 x 1178
Max Res@ 2Kfps 528 x 520 528 x 520 896 x 800 896 x 800
Max Res@ 4Kfps 352 x 330 352 x 330 640 x 534 640 x 534
Max fps@ Min Res 112 183 112 183 298 851 298 851
Minimum Resolution 128 x 2 128 x 2 128 x 2 128 x 2
Sensor 10-bit CMOS 10-bit CMOS 8-bit CMOS 8-bit CMOS
Minimum Shutter 2µs 2µs 2µs 2µs
Maximum Pixel Rate 663Mp/sec 663Mp/sec 1517Mp/sec 1517Mp/sec
Long Record No No No No
Light Sensitivity Mono 3 200 3 200 1 600 1 600
Light Sensitivity Color 1 600 1 600 800 800
Pixel Size 14µm Sq. 14µm Sq. 8µm Sq. 8µm Sq.
Standard Memory 2GB 4GB 2GB 4GB
Memory Options 4GB 8GB 4GB 8GB
Auto Trigger Yes Yes Yes Yes
Video Output No No No No
Power Input 10-30VDC 10-30VDC 10-30VDC 10-30VDC
Battery Power No 1Hr No 1Hr
Backup Image Retention in Memory No 24Hr No 24Hr
Non Volatile Storage No Yes - SD No Yes - SD
Camera Control Director 2 Director 2 Director 2 Director 2
Software License Not Required Not Required Not Required Not Required
IRIG Available No Yes No Yes
Ruggedized Optional 100G Optional 100G Optional 100G Optional 100G
Size (") 2.5W x 2.5H x 2.6D 4.7W x 4.7H x 8.5D 2.5W x 2.5H x 2.6D 4.7W x 4.7H x 8.5D
Weight .28kg. .9 kg. .28 kg .9 kg.